FRAUD ALERT *important*

There have been a number of circulars sent to many promoters from a fake e-mail address calling themselves “LUCY B. DICKINS” at ITB and claiming to represent and book initially a Pearl Jam and Down tour for 2015, and more recently an Aerosmith and Down tour for 2016.

Please disregard any e-mail from these persons as they are fake communications. They have stolen our logo and address from the internet and are posing as ITB to scam money off unsuspecting promoters, going to the extent of sending fake riders and contracts and attempting to collect deposits.

The agent for both Pearl Jam and Aerosmith is Rod MacSween, and for Down is Mike Dewdney, both at ITB. If you want to contact any of our agents or enquire about our acts please go to our website.

If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of an ITB communication please call our office on + 44 207 637-6979 and ask for Diana in Rod MacSween’s office.

There are no official plans for either Pearl Jam or Aerosmith to tour Europe in 2016

Thank you.